Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning oversees institutional research and assessment for external and internal research purposes including:

  • the preparation of standard reporting for outside entities, including the completion of surveys to satisfy IPEDS, HEDS, NCAA and AICUP requirements.
  • The oversight of the annual academic and administrative assessment cycle and assessment of general academic requirements.
  • Working with the Office of the Registrar, provides data for internal analysis and program reviews.
  • Disseminates information about a wide range of outcomes to the campus community and external stakeholders.
  • Conducts analysis of institutional effectiveness related to the College’s strategic priorities.
  • Administers student surveys from external groups such as HEDS and NSSE.
  • Supports the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accreditation process.

Institutional effectiveness and assessment is a coordinated effort that brings together staff and faculty from across the institution to work collaboratively to implement our campus assessment plan. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning sits within the Office of the Provost and is overseen by the Dean of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness. The Assessment Team includes the following members:

Michele Moser Deegan, Dean for Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness and Professor of Political Science, [email protected]

Laura Edelman, Professor of Psychology and General Education Assessment Coordinator, [email protected]

Elizabeth McCain, Professor of Biology and Academic Assessment Co-coordinator, [email protected]

Susan Kahlenberg, Professor of Media and Communication and Academic Assessment Co-coordinator [email protected]

Kimberly Anderson, Assistant Vice President Advancement Services and Campaign Director and  Administrative Assessment Co-coordinator, [email protected]

Gabriel Hurtado, Director, Enrollment Data Initiatives and Administrative Assessment Co-coordinator, [email protected]