Admission Visitors
Temporary Visitor Parking Permits
Athletic, Theatre and Special Events Parking
Handicapped Spaces and Permits

A. Admission Visitors
Parking for Admission visitors is designated on the Front Drive of Academic row. Access to these parking spaces is off of Chew Street near the Egner Memorial Chapel. Any prospective student and their family visiting campus can obtain parking permit through the Office of Admission either prior to their campus arrival or on the day of their visit. Parking permits must be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle in order to avoid a ticket. In the event a ticket would be issued to your vehicle on the day of your visit and you were in a properly designated parking space, you can return the ticket to the Admission’s Department and the ticket will be returned to Campus Safety for proper disposition.  

B. Temporary Visitor Parking Permits
Any visitor of the College may obtain a temporary vehicle registration through the campus host or department that is being visited. The host can assist in obtaining a parking pass which is issued through the Office of Campus Safety. Temporary passes are valid for the length of the visit.

C. Athletic, Theatre and Special Event Parking
Parking for the various events is located in close proximity to the athletic venue or the special event location. Parking for athletic events be found to the rear of the Academic Buildings; access to this lot is from 26th Street in the area of where Gordon Street enters the campus.

Parking for attendees of theatre and other fine arts productions is available near the Center for the Arts directly behind the Trexler Library. Access to this lot can be gained off of Chew Street east of the Library.

All other special event parking is coordinated with the Department of Campus Safety and the event coordinator. For smaller functions, permits may be issued prior to the event indicating the designated location for parking. These must be displayed on the vehicle front dashboard.  Parking for larger events may be assigned and designated through posted signs or individuals near designated parking on the day of the event.

D. Handicapped Spaces and Permits
Designated with the national handicapped parking sign, these spaces are reserved for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors who qualify, and register with the Office of Campus Safety. Individuals who are authorized to park in these spaces must have their vehicle registered with Campus Safety.

Parking Rules and Regulations Policy