Disbursement for Books and Supplies

If you receive  Federal Pell Grant funds disbursed to you and combined with your other Federal Aid they create an overpayment of your account, you may use these funds to purchase books and supplies. You may apply for a book voucher by going to the Office of Financial Aid (basement of the Haas College Center) with your student ID. Complete the paperwork in financial aid and if you are eligible for the voucher and it is approved, a credit will be established for you at the Muhlenberg College bookstore. For students with Federal Title IV credit balance, this can be done no sooner than 10 days before the start of classes, but no later than 7 days into the semester.  If you do not wish to have a book voucher for the Muhlenberg College bookstore, please contact Linda Locker, Controller's Office, at 484-664-3152 to make other arrangements. REMEMBER, Federal Pell Grants can not be disbursed until all of your financial aid paperwork has been submitted.