The purpose of the Student Employment Program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop professional skills and experience while simultaneously earning supplemental funds to assist them with some of their college expenses. Students will grow and improve crucial transferable workplace skills and talents through on-campus employment opportunities, which can serve as the basis for creating a resume for future career opportunities. The Student Employment Program is made to be versatile enough to let students select a task that works with their schedule. Because there are many kinds of employment accessible, there are also differences in the specifics of the work and in how closely it corresponds with a student's professional objectives, skills or interests.

The Office of Financial Aid, located on the lower level of the Haas building, manages the overall administration of the student employment program at Muhlenberg College. The web-based employment portal, Handshake is where students can view and apply for many available on- campus positions.  Handshake can be accessed through a student's OneLogin.

The Business Office, also located on the lower level of Haas, is responsible for managing the processing of timesheets and payroll. Student hours are reported via Jotform and are approved by the student’s supervisor. Student payroll is processed on a monthly basis.
Muhlenberg College offers two types of Student Employment opportunities via their financial aid offer. Federal Work-Study (CWS) and Muhlenberg College Employment (MCE).

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