Muhlenberg College Statement on Diversity

Revised April 24, 2014

Diversity, as affirmed in the College’s mission statement, is a fundamental Muhlenberg value.

The College believes that deeply engaging with the multiple concerns, forms and expressions of diversity enriches the liberal arts education of all our students, prepares our graduates for lives of leadership and global citizenship, and enhances the quality of life on campus for all of our community members. We believe that the Muhlenberg community should cultivate a desire and an ability to understand, mutually respect, and meaningfully engage with manifold perspectives and experiences, particularly those of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. To this end, we are dedicated to:

• an inclusive, innovative and evolving academic program that foregrounds human diversity and the experience and perspectives of these groups,
• educational and professional opportunities for students, faculty members and staff members from these groups, and
• good citizenship in the Lehigh Valley by supporting ongoing College-sponsored community outreach efforts, and by intentionally doing business with area vendors and service-providers operated by, fairly employing, and serving these groups.

Muhlenberg will not achieve its mission until each member of our community recognizes and understands the benefits, tensions and intersections inherent in teaching and learning about diversity. Doing so means that some community members, especially those from majority groups, may experience moments of disequilibrium. The College believes that these moments are productive opportunities for teaching and learning; they are consistent with Muhlenberg’s dedication to providing living, learning and working spaces that are safe and welcoming.

These commitments reflect Muhlenberg’s investment in principles of justice and equality. They assume a persistent and vigorous effort to confront and challenge prejudiced attitudes and behaviors that exclude, demean or marginalize members of our community. They also assume that success in engaging deeply with diversity must not lead to complacency, but instead, must inspire us to strive for an ongoing, ever-deepening integrity.