Muhlenberg College Statement of Community Engagement

Adopted April 2019.

Community engagement at Muhlenberg College, aligned with and supporting the College’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, is rooted in concepts of equity and justice. Muhlenberg’s community engagement initiatives cultivate connections within and between communities to foster individual, institutional and community change. Our efforts proceed from the premise that engagement with Allentown communities is critical to fulfilling the College’s mission and, in particular, to empowering students to understand the diversity of human experience, commit to ethical and civic values and prepare for lives of leadership and service.

Meaningful community engagement acknowledges community assets and systemic barriers, is sustainable, allows for myriad connections and requires strong institutional partnerships. Community engagement is central to Muhlenberg College’s vision to embody active citizenship, make institutional decisions that are mindful of our need to be good stewards of the environment and consider and address structural inequities that can cause community members to experience a greater level of impact from discrimination and have limited access to resources, political power and educational opportunities. In furtherance of these ideals, the College regularly fosters and nurtures mutually beneficial relationships with partners in Allentown to more strongly connect our collective communities.